How to install BullGuard on your device?

October 03, 2019


You can install all BullGuard products including BullGuard Antivirus, BullGuard Internet Security and BullGuard Premium Protection same way.



  1. Click HERE to login to your account. Find the product on the main page and click on . Before installing it is safe disable all other security applications (mostly Antivirus or Firewall applications) for them not to interfere in the installation process.

    1 - BullGuard Installation Download Installer - AntivirusSale.com

  2. Double click on the file downloaded and click Yes to continue to installation.

    BullGuard Internet Security Installation File - Antivirussale.com

  3. Wait till the installer finishes downloading the files.

    2 - BullGuard Installation Wait - AntivirusSale.com

  4. Accept the License Agreement and click Install.

    3 - BullGuard Installation User Agreement - AntivirusSale.com

  5. If there is any previous antivirus software in your device it will ask you whether you want to uninstall these? Uninstalling all previous antivirus software is recommended.

    4 - BullGuard Installation Uninstall Other - AntivirusSale.com

  6. Wait till it finishes the installation

    5 - BullGuard Installation Complete Installation - AntivirusSale.com

  7. You can login yo your account, if you do not have on you can create as well.

    7 - BullGuard Installation Login to Your Account - AntivirusSale.com 6 - BullGuard Installation Create an Account - AntivirusSale.com

  8. You can skip this step.

    8 - BullGuard Installation Skip - AntivirusSale.com

  9. BullGuard will update all the definition.

    9 - BullGuard Installation Update Definitions - AntivirusSale.com

  10. You are done.

    10 - BullGuard Installation Done - AntivirusSale.com










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