You can download the latest version here iTunes!

Getting started

When starting our app, you’ll see the login screen - login with your HMA! Pro VPN registered username/email and password or license.  

After you have successfully downloaded and installed the app from iTunes and started it for the first time, the first step is to login to your HMA! Pro VPN account.

Now, when you have logged in with your account, our app checks if your VPN subscription is active. Once that is confirmed, you can use the app to establish a VPN connection on your device.

 How to use the HMA! iOS App Login

By default, the app suggests a server located nearby to provide a fast connection, but you choose “Location Mode” and select a server from our list! When you have found the server you’d like to connect to, simply tap “Disconnect” and the button will slide to your right and show “Connected”!

When connected, the application shows 3 different modes:

  1. Location mode

    How to use the HMA! iOS App Location Mode 

    The “Favourites” feature

    In order not having to scroll through the serverlist each time you want to switch servers, we have the “Favourites” feature. Choose a server to add, then swipe left on a server to add it to your favourites. Now you can switch to the “Favourites” tab on the top right and see any country or server you’ve added. Tap the location to select it for the next VPN connection - you’ll get asked if you want to connect there right away or just save it for your next connection. To access this feature, tap on "Change Location":

      How to use the HMA! iOS App Favorites

  2. Instant Mode

    How to use the HMA! iOS App Instant Mode 

  3. Freedom Mode

    How to use the HMA! iOS App Freedom Mode 

Menu items and sub-menus

In the HMA! iOS app, tap the menu button (the icon with 3 horizontal lines) in the top left corner to see the main menu.

Here we have:

  • About: Shows version of the HMA! app installed and legal info
  • Help: Opens the HMA! Knowledgebase for the iOS app
  • Contact Support: Creates and submits an email to the HMA! support team

How to use the HMA! iOS App Menu