How to install Bitdefender on a second device?

September 15, 2019



If the subscription you have purchased covers more than one computer, you can use your Bitdefender account to activate a second PC.

To install Bitdefender on a second computer:

1. Access Bitdefender Central.

2. Select the My Devices panel.

3. In the My Devices window, click INSTALL BITDEFENDER.

4. Choose one of the two available options:

Click the button and save the installation file.

• On another device

Select Windows to download your Bitdefender product, and then click CONTINUE. Type an e-mail address in the corresponding field, and click SEND.

5. go to the device you want to install, open the email and click on the Install

6. Run the Bitdefender product you have downloaded. Wait until the installation process is completed and close the window.

The new device on which you have installed the Bitdefender product will appear in the Bitdefender Central dashboard. 

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