How to Add Multiple Keys on Your Subscription

August 06, 2021


  1. Go McAfee Official Web page.

  2. If you have an account please login of Create a new account.

    McAfee Login Signup

  3. Click on Redeem your Retail Card for activation.

    McAfee Activate the key

  4. Enter the activation code you have received on your email and your account email address, then click Next.

    McAfee Installation

  5. This step is for language options and will not always show up. If it shows up you can choose any country with EN extension, it will setup English version.

    McAfee Activation Language Option

  6. You will be asked to sigh up for auto renewal, you do not need to auto renewal, you can click on No Thanks.

    McAfee Activation Auto Renewal

  7. You are done with the first key, click on the My Account and go to Step 3 to activate the second key. Enter the second key and your email address again just like Step 4.

    McAfee Activation

  8. Once you enter the second key you will be asked to add the subscription on top of your current one, if you have multiple subscriptions and would like to choose to add on the another subscription you can choose it on this page.

    McAfee Activation Second Key

  9. You have added another year to your subscription.

    McAfee Activation

  10. All Done.

    If you have more than 2 keys please repeat this process to activate all of your keys, each time you will add another year to your subscription.

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