How to activate and install Panda Dome subscription on PC

September 18, 2019

Following instructions is for all Panda products including the following.
Panda Dome Advanced (formerly Panda Internet Security)
Panda Dome Complete (formerly Panda Global Protection)
Panda Dome Premium (formerly Panda Gold Protection)
Panda Dome Essential (formerly Panda Antivirus Pro)


From your Panda Dome Software

    1. Download and install your software here

      Panda Dome Essential


      Panda Dome Advanced

      Panda Dome Complete

      Panda Dome Premium

    2. Enter your code and follow the instructions.



      From your Panda Account

      You can always download the latest version of your Panda from your Panda Account. Just follow these steps:

      1. Have the Activation Code at hand.
      2. Create a Panda Account or, if you already have one, enter your login email address and password to access it:
      3. Select your product. If you cannot find your product, enter your activation code by clicking the I have a code button:

        Panda Dome Activate the code

      4. Now, click the cloud icon to download the installation file.

        Panda Dome install the file

      5. Double-click the Panda file previously downloaded and follow the installation wizard through.
        In the first screen of the wizard, the Activation Code will be pre-filled in the text box. Otherwise, enter it and continue.

        Enter the Activation Code

      6. Click Open Now to finish the installation process and proceed with the Panda account setup.

        Finish the installation Panda Dome

      That's it! You are all set to start using Panda.




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