How to install Panda Dome products in Android device?

September 18, 2019

Following instructions is for all Panda products including the following.

Panda Dome Advanced (formerly Panda Internet Security)
Panda Dome Complete (formerly Panda Global Protection)
Panda Dome Premium (formerly Panda Gold Protection)
Panda Dome Essential (formerly Panda Antivirus Pro)

Panda Dome products offer full protection for mac, Android and iOS devices as well as for Windows. You can download the protection from your Panda Account. We advise you to follow the instructions from the target device, as this will simplify the installation process.

From your Panda Account

  1. Access your Panda Account.
  2. If you don't see your Panda Dome product, click the I have a code button and enter the Activation Code. It is a single Activation code valid to download for all the protections (Windows, Mac or Android).

    Enter activation code Panda Dome

  3. Click on your Panda Dome product. You will see the type of protections your product includes. Choose the one you want to download and install by clicking the cloud icon and remember your Activation Code will appear under the type of platform to protect (in this image the Activation Code has been protected).

Choose your device Panda Dome

Panda Dome for Android

When clicking on the cloud icon to download the protection for Android, you will be directed to Google Play. Once there, select Panda Mobile Security and click the Install button.

Install Panda Dome on Android Device

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